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Emily Morris


Wadsworth Elementary School (WES) is getting ready for their Second Annual ARTS PRIDE Night on May 17th. At this event students will be presenting and showcasing pieces of art that they created throughout the fourth quarter. Each quarter, classes have the opportunity to participate in enrichment in a […]

Did BTES Reach Their Food Drive Goal?

Mrs. Dottie Colletta, the Treasurer at Grace Food Pantry, has been organizing a monthly food drive. The donations are given to Grace Food Pantry and the Weekend Food Backpack Program in the local schools. Previously, Belle Terre Elementary School raised 4,200 pounds of food for donation, and it […]

Fixing up the i3 Garden

During the current 2016-17 school year the i3 Green Club has been trying to rehabilitate the i3 Garden. Mrs. Courtney VandeBunte was able to win the Motorola Grant to help fix up the broken aspects of the garden, but she wasn’t able to do it on her own. […]

The Impact of Mentors

The month of January is National Mentoring Month for 2017. This month focuses around “Thanking a Mentor” day and “I Am a Mentor” day. These days show that we need to appreciate and look back at those who helped us get where we are today. Mentors are individuals […]

How Does the Holiday Shop Help Students?

The Holiday Gift Shop at Belle Terre Elementary School (BTES) was put together this year by Mrs. Jennifer Harris, the BTES Parent Teacher Organization (PTO) President. The Holiday Shop is a place where the students can buy inexpensive gifts for their families. FUN Services provides BTES with the […]

Ways to Relieve Stress

On Wednesday, December 1st, Mrs. Sorrell Mercoglan arrived at the Government Service Building to talk to parents and students about the topic of stress. This event, called a Stress Free Dinner, was hosted by the Flagler Family Cafe and its purpose was to give parents tips that will […]

What Has i3 Been up To?

In the beginning of the 2016- 2017 school year i3’s senior class was given the task of figuring out how to incorporate Career Source into a class. This was brought to Mr. Blake VandeBunte, the i3 academy’s director, from Mrs. Lynette Shott, the director of student services, then […]

A Stress Free Dinner

At the end of the year many families get stressed out from the pressure of the multiple major holidays. Thankfully the Flagler Family Café is scheduling a dinner on December 1st to give a class on stress management at the Government Services Building. There are different levels of […]