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Cameron Harris

RES Annual Field Day

Rymfire Elementary School (RES) is hosting their annual field day from May 15th – 24th. This is the 3rd annual field day at Rymfire Elementary School. Mr. Robert Cerasi, a P.E. teacher, has directed and coordinated field day every year at RES. He sets up the schedules for […]

Teacher Appreciation Week in Flagler County

National Teacher Appreciation Week is from May 1st through the 5th. This week is dedicated to recognizing the amount of time and effort that hardworking teachers throughout the nation put into their students’ success. Below are some quotes from Flagler County students about their favorite teachers. Flagler Palm […]

FPC’s Spring Concert

Flagler Palm Coast High School is hosting the spring chorus concert. FPC’s Formality Singers are performing, Love Is All You Need, which is, “A tribute to The Beatles,” says Mrs. Amelia Fulmer, to show their passion for the arts. The concert is on April 19th at 7 o’clock. It will […]

Composting Food Waste for the i3 Garden

Food waste is becoming a problem in America because of the amount of methane, a potent greenhouse gas, it gives off. However, i3 Academy is doing something about it. Mr. Edward Cox’s chemistry students, along with Food Services Director for Flagler County Schools Mrs. Angela Torres and Food Nutrition […]

How Did the Supermoon Affect Us?

Space is huge if you haven’t noticed, and it’s is also very complex, for example, all of it’s colorful nebula (A cloud of dust or gas in space), and it’s beautiful constellations (Patterns of stars that make an image). However, 2016 has had many fantastically astronomical events, such […]