Wadsworth Elementary School (WES) is getting ready for their Second Annual ARTS PRIDE Night on May 17th. At this event students will be presenting and showcasing pieces of art that they created throughout the fourth quarter. Each quarter, classes have the opportunity to participate in enrichment in a specified area of their Flagship (STEAM: Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics). There will be a couple of performances and presentations to show the different types of arts Wadsworth allows their students to participate in.

Mrs. Kara Minn tells parents about what the different arts classes have been doing this year, “We have a scheduled drama performance at the end of the 4th quarter for our 6th grade drama course. Our chorus showcases at different events throughout the year. Our art class gives rewards at the end of each semester. PRIDE Night is more of a class showcase through the homerooms and enrichment groups.”

All of the DREAMS classes at WES are participating, as well as any student who has participated in the Enrichment PRIDE periods. Any class that wants to showcase something is invited, so come join the PRIDE Night on May 17th to support these awesome students!