FPC Presents Spring Musical: Big Fish

Flagler Palm Coast High School will be hosting their annual spring musical in the Flagler Auditorium. This year’s performance will be the musical Big Fish. The dates are set for May 11th-12th at 7 pm and May 13th at 2 pm. Entry fees will be $12 for adults and $8 for students.

As a different production is chosen each year, Mrs. Kelly Rivera, FPC’s Musical Director, showcases the current strengths and talents of her students while making her decisions. She states, “I was originally inspired to look into the piece after speaking with a theatre friend before she passed away this year, Maxine Kronick. She inspired a lot of our young performers to pursue their dreams and to dream big. This production is dedicated in her memory. I also am a huge fan of the film version, which won many awards. That combined with the fact that I knew it would challenge and show off our performers sealed the deal.”

Mrs. Rivera explains that although teaching this performance has been challenging, it was still a positive experience. She also states, “It provides an engaging storyline with both fantasy and reality that is an emotional roller coaster for the audience.” It is a dramatic comedy set in between fantasy and real life.

Mrs. Rivera continues, “I think people will be very surprised to see the interesting array of characters, costumes, projections and fun dance routines. Fans of the movie will be surprised to see it come to life in a new way with big musical numbers, and people who don’t know the show will be thrilled at the spectacle. Hopefully, it will be a hit!”