RES Annual Field Day

Rymfire Elementary School (RES) is hosting their annual field day from May 15th – 24th. This is the 3rd annual field day at Rymfire Elementary School. Mr. Robert Cerasi, a P.E. teacher, has directed and coordinated field day every year at RES. He sets up the schedules for each grade, as well as runs some of the events with the other P.E. teachers. Activities and events that the students can participate in are soccer, snow cones, water relays, and tug of war tournaments. The dates are listed below for each grade level.

Monday, May 15th: 3rd grade

Tuesday, May 16th:  4th grade

Wednesday, May 17th: 5th grade

Thursday, May 18th: 6th grade

Monday, May 22nd: 2nd grade

Tuesday, May 23rd: 1st grade

Wednesday, May 24th: Kindergarten

Mr. Cerasi added, “The main thing is for them to have fun, and create memories along the way. Students still talk about last year’s events like they were yesterday, and they look forward to this all school year long.” 

Each grade level in the school gets an entire day dedicated to the students and their teachers, and gives them an opportunity to interact and participate in many different activities. Students get a chance to kick back and relax, as they shake off and celebrate all their hard work throughout the school year.

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