Flagler County

Teacher Appreciation Week in Flagler County

National Teacher Appreciation Week is from May 1st through the 5th. This week is dedicated to recognizing the amount of time and effort that hardworking teachers throughout the nation put into their students’ success.

Below are some quotes from Flagler County students about their favorite teachers.

Flagler Palm Coast High School

Brett Shiflett, senior

“Mr. Verdi because he was nice and very open, he understood us better than some of the other students.”


Bronson Grubb, junior

“You know there ain’t no other favorite teacher other than Mrs. Fretterd, because she respects her students.”


Nicholas Vinci, junior

“Mr. Rinyu because he’s more outgoing than most teachers.”


Jocelyn Paiva, sophomore

“Mrs. Booth because she is always there for me as a teacher for advice and as my family.”


Jace Wilson, sophomore

“Mrs. Schaefer because although we have our moments, she is still always looking out for me.”


Chance Barber, freshman

“Mrs. Wilkinson because she was really chill, she was a new teacher, she would let us go outside after our work, and she just a really cool teacher.”


Indian Trails Middle School

Summerlee Haville, 8th grade

“Mrs. Haibon because we play and have fun.”


Wadsworth Elementary School

Aiden Harris, 5th grade

“Mrs. Smith because she’s funny and jokes around a lot.”


Joshua Lebron, 5th grade

“Mrs. Holly because she is super nice, funny, and fun to have as a teacher.”


Eric Moore, 5th grade

“Mrs. Fahner because she is very nice and gives me hugs in the morning.”


Talafia English, 5th grade

“Mrs. Cavall because she tells funny jokes and gives us bear hugs.”


Bunnell Elementary School

Keirra Coltranne, 5th grade

“Mrs. Adam because she has a nice class. They’re always creative and they’re fun.”


Kevin Grant, 5th grade

“I like all my teachers because they’re nice.”


Hunter Russel, 5th grade

“Mrs. Snyder because she was fun and she was really nice and she wasn’t really mean.”


Below are some teachers explanations on why they became teachers.

Mrs. Corinne Schaefer, i3 Academy teacher

“I have always wanted to be a teacher. I’ve always wanted to touch the lives of students.”


Mrs. Sarah Lombardo, i3 Academy teacher

“Honestly, I never thought I would be a teacher. I explored different majors in college, but they all led back to math and the desire to work with people. After all of these years in the classroom, I have found that inspiring students is one of the best feelings and keeps me coming back each year.”