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GWCCC Art Exhibit and On-Line Auction Coming to a Close

The G.W. Carver Community Center (GWCCC) has a major influence in the community, which is providing a safe and secure location for Flagler County’s youth and their families. It is also meant to help give families the opportunity to experience recreational programs and community events all year long.

Mrs. Cheryl Massaro is the Director at the Flagler County Youth Center/ GWCCC and explained her personal experience involving the center, At first, like many Flagler County residents, I did not like going to the center, for it has been rumored that the surrounding area had such a bad reputation. However, as I have become familiar with the community, its residents and most of all its children, I realized the threat was nothing more than a rumor, and the G.W. Carver Community Center community is a wonderful group of residents trying to do the best they can to provide a good life for their families, just like any other community.”

On April 13th the GWCCC held an Art Exhibit to showcase exceptional local artists and some of the work that the GWCCC has be doing for the community. At the exhibit, artists could display pieces of their work and were able to place a minimum bid on them for the auction. Anything under the minimum bid was donated to the GWCCC. Some of the pieces not sold at the exhibit are included in the online auction and are still for sale.

The online auction is being held from April 5th to the 27th, so get your bids in quick. The auction has an abundance of items from trips to Africa to bracelets. Donors can choose what they would like to put up for auction and the minimum price for the item or adventure. Some of the more outlandish items include: a week long all expenses paid trip on an African Safari, a personal tour through Princess Place Lodge with a park ranger, or bowling with the Flagler Schools Superintendent Mr. Jacob Oliva.

This is the 5th annual On-Line Auction that the GWCCC is hosting. This year they have some goals of what they would like to accomplish with the funds they raise. According to Mrs. Massaro, “The foundation’s goal is to add onto the front of the current facility, a building that would provide Handicap Accessible Bathrooms, a small eating area, and a few new offices, as well as two flexible classrooms.”

The G.W. Carver Community Center is a fantastic foundation that helps local students and families. Click the link below and look through the items they have up for auction.

Below are some of the items featured in the auction, and only show a fraction of what is being offered. Bid for them at the On-Line Auction located here:  http://gwcarvercenter.com/foundation/auction.


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