FPC’s Spring Concert

Flagler Palm Coast High School is hosting the spring chorus concert. FPC’s Formality Singers are performing, Love Is All You Need, which is, “A tribute to The Beatles,” says Mrs. Amelia Fulmer, to show their passion for the arts. The concert is on April 19th at 7 o’clock. It will be held in the Flagler Auditorium, and the price for admission is $6.

The Formality Singers are a singing organization that strives for excellence in all areas. They were established 20 years ago by Mrs. Alana Fitzgerald, the founder of the FPC chorus program. Mrs. Fitzgerald awards a senior scholarship to the choral singers of Flagler Palm Coast High School and Matanzas High School every year. The scholarship is in honor of her late husband, Dennis Fitzgerald.

The Formality Singers’ accompanist Mrs. Barbara Daniels has been instructing Chorus for 5 years now, which brings her over 40 years of performance as a pianist, choir leader, and accompanist to her role. Instructing youth to reach their highest potential is found in Barbara’s core. Since moving to Florida 15 years ago, she has accompanied high school choirs and bands at the highest level of state and district assessment.

The Formality Singers performance won’t be something you want to miss, so come on down to the Flagler Auditorium today, April 19th, and enjoy the show.

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