Art Works: FPC Graduates Inducted Into Alumni Hall of Fame

On March 28th, at Flagler Palm Coast High School, three alumni were inducted into Art Works Hall of Fame. Shanna Fortier, Matt Katsolis, and Patrick Maxcy were all awarded spots in this hall of fame for pursuing a successful career in the arts.

Fortier was awarded for her achievement in her photojournalism career. She is currently based in Colorado working as the Community Editor for Colorado Community Media in the West Metro Denver area where she writes about several school districts. She has impacted the community both here and in Colorado greatly.

Katsolis was awarded for his work in the cinematography field. Founder of Interpret Studios, Katsolis has been working hard for 15 years to make a name for himself and his business, in which Interpret Studios has shot everything from Nike and Red Bull commercials to full fledged documentaries.

“We thrive at the intersection of adventure, entertainment, action sports, music, lifestyle, photography, and film,” states Katsolis. Through all of these mediums he has shown his skill, talent and passion for cinematography.

Maxcy was awarded for his achievements in painting. As a humanitarian and painter he has left a positive mark on the lives of the less fortunate by traveling around the world painting huge murals. He has traveled to many third world countries aiding others and helping brighten their lives. He was also awarded the “Guest Artist of the Year” at the Muhammad Ali Center in Louisville, Kentucky. There he painted six 10’ x 4’ murals depicting his 6 core values. Through all of his charitable work he has improved the lives of many individuals through his craft.

Each artist was given time to tell their life story and how they achieved greatness. Afterwards, questions students created were asked to them and through this students learned with hard work, dedication, positivity and passion anyone can achieve greatness.

“I think that the single best aspect of Art Works for the students is that they can see kids (adults now) that were sitting in their seats just a few years ago that have now made it big in the world of art, and that they can maybe, now, see themselves being able to do the same thing,” says Mr. Edson Beckett, Digital Design teacher at FPCHS and coordinator for Art Works.

Thanks to Mr. Beckett and the Flagler County Art League for giving students positive role models to look up to. Congratulations to all the Hall of Fame inductees of 2017’s Art Works Hall of Fame.