Artist of the Month

FPC March Artist of the Month: Kristina Santiago

Kristina Santiago

FPC senior Kristina Santiago is as adept at traditional art (drawing, painting, etc.) as she is with digital art (Photoshop), so it’s no surprise that she earned the title as March’s Artist of the Month. Although Santiago views everything as a work of art, she pulls most of her inspiration from her family, friends, her art teacher Mr. Edson Beckett, and the former president and chairman of Marvel Comics Stan Lee.

Regarding Santiago’s previous pieces, she explained, “My hard work always transcends meaning every time I look at them. They mean the world to me and the community I share them with.”

Through her high school experience, Santiago has taken Digital Design 1 and 2, and is now in Advanced Placement 2D Design, which are all taught by Mr. Beckett. In these classes Santiago combines her talents in traditional art with her talents in digital art to create awe inspiring and diverse pieces.

Mr. Beckett stated, “Krissy just keeps getting better and better. She draws (on both paper and with a tablet in Photoshop) all of the time! Being an artist is embedded in her soul, and she’s not going to be happy doing something for a living that doesn’t involve art somehow. Krissy has huge aspirations when it comes to her career, and I don’t doubt for a second that she will achieve those dreams and become an animator, film producer, or whatever she wants to become.”

As for college, Santiago plans on enrolling in classes at Daytona State, work up to a Bachelor’s Degree, then hopefully enroll at Full Sail to major in Digital Design, Animation, and possibly Film.

Santiago said, “I’d like to become an art teacher, but I’m open to becoming a film producer for the many comic books I plan to write.”

Congratulations Kristina, and keep up the amazing work!