MHS Film Festival Dedicated to Matanzas Alumni’s Passing

The 5th annual Matanzas High School (MHS) Film Festival, lead by the school’s TV production team, happened on March 1st. The event was dedicated to honor Tyler Allen, a graduate of MHS who lost his life in a motorcycle accident in January of 2017. He spent four years in Mrs. Tracey Hicks TV production class, and majorly impacted the structure of the TV production class.

Mrs. Hicks spoke about Tyler’s time as a MHS student, “Tyler was an amazing student. When I started working with an organization called the Greatest Save, he submitted a project that won first place. He was a student that was good to his core. I really learned who he was as person for his four years at my program. I had many conversations with him and what his growth would be. I was saddened to learn of his passing. When I first started teaching, he was one of my first group of students that stayed in the program for four years. I met him when he was in 9th grade.”

If you donated at the door on Wednesday, the money went towards purchasing new equipment for MHS TV production. Through using these tools the student will have the opportunity to learn more about the filmmaking industry.

Mrs. Hicks continued, “Each year I have my students showcase their work at the annual film festival. Any student that stays in the program deserves to have their work shown because they are serious about becoming a visual force for the industry. They are the next generation and this will help them to have the confidence they need to move ahead.”

If you are interested in getting involved in the MHS TV production class, contact Mrs. Tracey Hicks at, or schedule a meeting with your guidance counselor.