Flagler County

Board of Education Calls on Community to Help With Search for New Superintendent

As you may know, Flagler Schools Superintendent Mr. Jacob Oliva is stepping down from his position at the end of the school year to begin a new position with the Florida Department of Education. This means that the search for a new superintendent has begun. The Board of Education has asked the community to take part in the search by completing a survey. It allows local citizens, who either attend or have children who attend Flagler Schools, to give their input on who will be reviewed and taken into account while searching for a new superintendent.

Mr. Oliva said that the survey, “Gives the school board input on the type of characteristics the community would like to see in a superintendent.”

board-of-educationHe also explained that Flagler Schools has done this type of survey historically while looking for this position. This is an important position to fill, so they have to take precautions when choosing someone to fill this type of position.

The community may have a say in what they would like to see in a new superintendent, but the School Board makes the final decision on the position.

Janet McDonald, Board of Education member, said, “The school district serves the community and should represent the priorities the community holds for educating our students. A superintendent is the educational/organizational district leader whose skills and expertise needs to align with goals and direction identified by the community.

This survey is open until March 17th. The questions asked on the survey capture what qualities and expertise community members view as important, or not so important, when looking for a new superintendent.

“Constituent input from the community is very informative for the school board members when making the final decision on this and other important issues,” Mrs. McDonald added.

The district will host a community reception where local citizens are able to come and have a chance to meet the candidates face to face. More details on this event are coming soon.