Matanzas High School’s New Mentoring program

Matanzas High School (MHS) recently finished the process of developing a structured mentoring program for their male students. The county was notified in the beginning of February that the grant money funding the program was approved, and the first meeting was held on February 22, 2017. The development of this program has been led by Mr. Vernon Orndorff, the Executive Director of Leadership Development for Flagler Schools, and Dr. Earl Johnson, the current Principal of MHS.

Dr. Johnson described, This program will influence the MHS population by sharpening the life skills  and personal character of our young men so they can discover and reach their full potential. During the third year of the program these young men will ‘pay it forward’ by mentoring the younger mentees.”

The recent developments of the mentoring program and grant money are supporting the African American Mentoring Program, and are using “Men in the Making” curriculum for the meetings. Currently the program has selected eighteen male students in 9th and 10th grade based on a specific criteria. These students will meet up for half an hour during lunch each week to avoid any transportation issues.

Dr. Johnson further explained, “This year MHS is piloting this program with the intentions of expanding the program to other schools next year. Additionally, a new group of mentees will join the 2017 class of mentees. The program is intended to follow the students throughout their high school career.”