FPC Wrestling Still Dominating in Building Year

In a building year, FPC wrestling still dominates the sport of wrestling. The team is continuing this year by transforming the great players they have. Though they aren’t the ‘best’ team that they have ever been, they are still taking in more win than others and have had an undefeated dual meet season. The wrestling team is very close from one player to the next.

This is an individual sport. Each player is technically in it for themselves, but FPC’s team is like a family. Camaraderie is the key to success for a wrestling team, where being like family brings in more wins.

The team captains, Michael DeAugustino and Avery Holder, were asked a few questions about their team and how they feel about this season.

How do you feel about the team’s performance this year compared to last season?

Michael DeAugustino: “We have come a long way, this is ultimately a building year so next year we will be full go for our team title run.”

What kind of relationship do you all have and how does that impact your team?

Michael DeAugustino: “We hang out a lot and bond, always working out together and bettering ourselves as wrestlers and men.”

Last year you took 6 guys to the state tournament, how do you feel you will do compared to that?

Avery Holder: “DeAugustino and I are the only ones returning from those 6, we are young and ready to get after it, I feel we will get at least 7 to state.”

Do you think you will have more placers at states than last year?

Avery Holder: “Yeah, this team is something special. We are full of surprises.”

Regionals are on Friday, February 24rd and Saturday, February 25th at FPC in the 800 gym. There will be one session on Friday and two on Saturday. These sessions each cost $7 per person.

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