i3 Students Build Fully-Operative Quadcopters

quadcoptersMrs. Sarah Lombardo’s Trigonometry students at i3 Academy have been applying the information they learn from the class into creating fully functional quadcopters that they designed and built themselves. As of Thursday, February 16, the first copter became airborne.

In the class, five groups were put to the task of designing their own quadcopter. With one quadcopter flying successfully so far, they will be used to take aerial photos in collaboration with a real estate partnership in Flagler County, called ‘A-Team’; comprised of Mrs. Lombardo’s husband, Anthony Lombardo, and Andy Kalcounos, who are part of Coldwell Banker Residential Real Estate (the company who quadcopters-1funded this project). The copters will then be registered by the company to fly them at selected property locations.

The Trigonometry class presented their projects to Anthony Lombardo and Andy Kalcounos on February 16th. These presentations consisted of information about the frame design, the necessary height to fly the copters, and different rotations the quadcopters can perform in the air. The duo plans to revisit the class in a couple weeks to review the students’ progress.

main-photoAccording to Mrs. Lombardo, the students gained permission, from the Embry-Riddle aeronautical class, to fly the copters in the Flagler Youth Center’s netted drone area. The students also practiced flying them in the soccer field of FPC for a window of 10 minutes. A 3D printed quadcopter crashed and another’s battery fell out and will need repairs.

Mrs. Lombardo states, “It flew fine and then the battery slid out, so we have to fix it. This is how we learn. We make mistakes, learn from them, and then fix them to make our end product that much better. We tried flying them one at a time. We still have to build the rest and make one perfect to give to the realtors.”

By completing this project, the students will understand the process of how and why quadcopters work. This is a half credited class, where the project will be completed from the beginning through the end of the 3rd quarter. No other classes are involved in this project. Mrs. Lombardo was inspired to do this project by Peggy Brookins and Raymond James at teachingchannel.org.

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