Artist of the Month

FPC February Artist of the Month: Maegan Ryone

Maegan Ryone, FPC junior and February Artist of the Month, has taken photography all three years of her high school career thus far and is becoming more noteworthy as she improves. Being able to look back at her own work and see personal growth is inspiration in itself.

Ryone elaborated, “Looking at my work and seeing how much better I’ve gotten over time inspires me to continue to get better.”

Another form of inspiration for Ryone is found in studying other photographer’s work. Although it provides an idea for her to shoot, Ryone adds her own twist while keeping in mind the different angles and techniques she previously saw.

As for her own featured pieces, Ryone explained that each one is unique in its own way and she feels as though she did a good job on them. Each one, excluding the image of flowers, is a part of her AOC (area of concentration), which is HDR toning of landscape photos.

“They mean that I have worked hard on them, but they show me where I still need to improve,” Ryone said.

Her teacher, Mrs. Angela Biggs, stated, “Maegan has been a joy to have in my photography classes over the past three years. She is a meticulous, imaginative photographer who has a strong eye for composition. I am certain Maegan will continue to grow artistically and do great things in her future.”

Congratulations and keep up the great work Maegan!

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