Pros and Cons of Having a Job in High School

Once students get into their senior and junior year they begin to gain different amounts of responsibility. Stress levels can rise due to the trials of life, and having a job could either add to that stress or raise a sense of maturity. In 2014, the Bureau of Labor Statistics found that 22.3% of high school students were a part of the work force.

Pros to having a job as a student could be raising their maturity level, or gaining self confidence because they begin to feel a sense of empowerment for the first time. A part-time job could also be an eye opener for a student, and they may begin to respect parents, teachers, and in general from their new perspective of reality. Students may start to understand and appreciate the value of money, and learn how to spend it more intelligently.

Cons to having a job as a student is the amount of pressure it could put on them. If a student chooses a part-time job over school, and is failing classes, then the job had a negative impact on their life. National Commission on Youth studies showed that students working more than 20 hours a week can increase their risk of drug or alcohol abuse. Also, the younger the student is the more likely an employer could take advantage of them and their inexperience.

Jackson Pollock, a senior at FPC, has had a job for a year and states, “Having a job affected me positively and negatively. A job influences me and forces me to be more effective, efficient, and hardworking while also needing time management. Sometimes it’s hard to focus on my school work when I’m thinking about my job.”