SAT and ACT Prep

Flagler Palm Coast High School is hosting a SAT/ACT Prep Workshop from 9 a.m. to noon on Saturday, February 4th. This workshop is free to every student, but they must sign up by February 1st in the guidance office.

SAT/ACT are college entrance exams and can also serve as a concordat score for students that have not passed the FSA test. Plus, we do reviews for all major exams students take,” Mr. Dustin Sims, FPC’s Principal, said.

Mr. Philip DeAugustino, one of FPC’s guidance counselors, said, “Ms. Frances Delane has worked with Daytona State on providing this service to our students to help with testing strategies, and improve scores for college admissions, Bright Futures Scholarships, and to meet concordant scores on the State FSA Test for high school graduation. The main goal is to become comfortable and confident with the test to reduce test anxiety and increase preparation.”

Students will be taught the differences between the SAT/ACT and each section of either test. This workshop will include test taking strategies that will be a great help to students to pass the tests. They will have a two hour session for reviewing the math and language arts that will be tested, completing practice problems, and be given online resources. Students who attend this workshop will have an idea of what they will see on the tests and be exposed to what they need to work on to get ready for this or any important exam.

Dr. Lance Baxter from Daytona State College conducts the workshop for students on the FPC campus. This is very beneficial for students preparing for important tests in the upcoming year.