What You Need to Know About Terrific Kids

Terrific Kids is a program sponsored by the Kiwanis club. They provide the certificate, trophy, and criteria for the students that receive the honor to be a Terrific Kid. All of the Flagler County Elementary Schools hold the Terrific Kids ceremony to hand out the awards to the winners. These ceremonies happen multiple times a year at the different elementary schools, focusing around the past month’s winners.


This specific ceremony started off celebrating the work of the Rymfire Elementary chorus program directed by Mrs. Michelle Seth. They did so by singing classic Christmas songs.


The Kiwanis club is an international organization whose goal is to help children and young adults become leaders in their communities. The local Flagler County Kiwanis club contributes by using the Terrific Kids program to find students who may be interested in more involvement in the community.


When the students started to gather on the stage it showed how they have the initiative to better themselves. The importance of the Terrific Kids program is to acknowledge students who have been going out of their way to be the best they can.


This year they added pre-k into the loop as well as holding an after school ceremony just for the Terrific Kids. There is one kid per class who is picked for the honor of Terrific Kid.


Being able to walk up onto stage in front of a large auditorium full of excited parents is nerve racking. Joining a group of fellow students who have been accepted into a program that is hand picked by their educator is a great honor that not every student will be able to say they joined.


For students to realize that they are making a difference in other students could help their self-esteem and create healthier lifestyles. Having the parents there to see, not only their student, but all of the other students that their child may have impacted is an exciting moment for both groups.


“The purpose is to create a climate that promotes the Character Education traits such as integrity, respect, self-control, cooperation, kindness, responsibility, honesty, tolerance, perseverance, and patriotism,” explained Mrs. Jessica Deford, BTES Assistant Principal.