Belle Terre

How Does the Holiday Shop Help Students?


Mrs. Carol Culyer and Mrs. Stacy Anderson

The Holiday Gift Shop at Belle Terre Elementary School (BTES) was put together this year by Mrs. Jennifer Harris, the BTES Parent Teacher Organization (PTO) President. The Holiday Shop is a place where the students can buy inexpensive gifts for their families. FUN Services provides BTES with the gifts, poster, and flyers for the Holiday Gift Shop.

Before Mrs. Harris took over the shop Mrs. Stacy Anderson and Mrs. Carol Cuyler ran it for three years.

“We took over running the Holiday Shop when the previous chairperson moved away. It was our way to support the PTO because they help us fund things for the Media Center,” Mrs. Anderson explained. She also talked about the rewards of the shop, “It is a huge amount of work, but the looks on the students faces as they proudly choose gifts to give makes it worth it.”

btes-holiday-shop-9The students are able to buy items from the shop because of the affordable prices between fifty cents to six dollars. These gifts range from all-star uncle trophies to mom necklaces. This helps out the students because it is exciting for them to be able to give gifts to people they appreciate. When parents are able to receive gifts from their kids it is something that they can cherish because their child put time and effort in picking out that certain necklace or keychain for them.

Mrs. Anderson shared, “As a parent, I know I have a drawer of “fabulous” rings and necklaces that my son chose for me from the Holiday Shop when he was in elementary school.”

Giving students the tools to create memories with their families is BTES’ main focus of the Holiday Gift Shop.

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