i3 Tech Academy

Freshman Success Shared with Flagler County

freshman-success-2High schools in Flagler County have recently made a class called Freshman Success (FS). i3 Academy is cooking up something special for their freshman as the quarter comes to an end. They will have to plan and participate in their own community service project.

In this class, freshman are learning and practicing skills that will help them be successful throughout their high school career. Mrs. Sarah Lombardo, the teacher of i3’s FS class stated, “Currently we are working on a project where students collaborate to contribute to our community. The problem statement (The question that needs to be focused on during the project) is, ‘How can we as i3 freshmen research areas of concern and possible solutions so that we can contribute to our community in a positive way?’”

freshman-successShe then added, “They have already brainstormed and researched areas of need in our community. At this point each group has chosen a different topic, come up with one solution, and are currently acting on that solution – whether it be raising awareness, collecting tangible donations, or volunteering their time.”

Some of the freshman have already made the proper preparations. Isaac Clemente stated that his group’s project is, “[…] we want to gather food for a care package to help out the homeless.”; while Haylee Hawkins explained that her group’s is, “To help the Food Pantry by volunteering and donating items (Food and clothing).”

freshman-success-1One person from each of these groups were asked how they thought their project would affect the community. Nicolas Tamayo said, “It helps other people out, and if a group of people are being generous, it can rub off on others.”

Another freshman, Sydney Russell, expressed, “Inspire others to help out homeless people. We want to treat them with respect, and to reach out to the homeless to make them feel special, and so they don’t feel forgotten.” Flagler County is definitely in for a treat.