Artist of the Month

FPC December Artist of the Month: Lauren Jackson

jackson_lauren_aoc8Through her art, FPC senior Lauren Jackson is able to take you with her to another dimension, one seemingly made of polygons. Although each of her Area of Concentration (AOC) pieces focus on their own diverse subject, each one represents the distinct geometric style she is striving to build. Keep scrolling to learn about the inspiration and meaning behind our December Artist of the Month’s work.

“I’ve seen a few pieces of geometric art in my past, and I felt the desire to try and make some of my own,” Jackson explained. Having to start somewhere, she noticed that most geometric artwork contained only triangles. Though she did begin with this, Jackson ended up broadening her range to all polygons, making her style a bit more original with every AOC piece.

“I really enjoy the way they look, especially the sense of depth portrayed by some,” Jackson stated. “To me, these pieces represent progress and accomplishment. I’ve come a long way with my art, and love exploring and expanding on new techniques and styles. I never would have imagined that so many people like my art. I’m really proud of it.”

Her teacher, Mr. Edson Beckett, expressed what a delight Jackson is to have in class, “I’ve enjoyed every minute of having Lauren in class. She is a hard worker, and she is a very quiet and very jackson_lauren_aoc5pleasant young lady. She is always prepared and she always turns her work in on time.”

Over the course of Jackson’s high school experience, she’s taken Digital Design 1 and 2 and is currently in Advanced Placement 2D Design. These classes were all taught by Mr. Beckett, who explicitly explained, “I have genuinely enjoyed seeing Lauren grow as an artist. As a novice in PhotoShop in Digital Design 1, she didn’t know anything about graphic design or PhotoShop. Last year, she passed the Adobe PhotoShop industry certification exam and she is now producing some of the most interesting work that I’ve seen. She is most deserving of this accolade.”

As for post-graduation plans, Jackson plans on attending the University of Florida where she will strive to study digital arts and sciences or programming.

Congratulations Lauren, keep up the great work!