Don’t Stress This Season over Gifts

Tis the season to be jolly, except now-a-days the joy aspect of Christmas is often put aside. Christmas has become a time to stress over gifts that could define the relationship you have with your loved ones. Although, some people enjoy the heavy thought that needs to be put into a gift for others, while find this to be an unenjoyable task. If you are the type of person looking for alternatives to the materialism that people get focused on this season then continue reading.


Option 1: Leave gift giving cold turkey

This would mean no gift giving. All members of the family must talk about the situation, but if everyone feels and agrees that gift giving has brought stress into the joyful season, then make the decision to not give presents. You could otherwise spend money on vacationing, new appliances, etc. Mrs. Corinne Schaefer, a teacher at i3 Academy, described, “I think gift giving is stressful because it’s a lot of money that I have to budget and it ruins gift-alternatives-1the joyful season.”


Option 2: Create gifts only

These gifts are only allowed to be homemade. Nothing store bought, gift cards, or cash is allowed to be given. This could bring the love that is missing this holiday season, and crafted gifts show hard work. The internet can offer thousands of ideas for anyone in your family. You could visit a website such as Pinterest to collect ideas. FPC student Jace Wilson stated, “If you create a gift it comes straight from the heart, if you buy a gift then there is only fake love.”


gift-alternativesOption 3: Meaningful gift giving

There are alternative gifts that avoid materialism, such as donating to charity in someone’s name, naming a star after a loved one, etc. Here is a link to the Name-A-Star website.

These are all great options if the stress of the season has ruined your Christmas. Bring back the joy and love with your family, and find an alternative to giving materialized gifts.