BTMS Thespian Success

The BTMS musical theater class received a “superior” rating for every member at the District Thespian Performance Assessment. These performances happened on Saturday, December 10th.

Congratulations to Viviana Mackey and the large group piece “Freak Flag” for earning Honorable Mention, a top award, in addition to the superior rating they received!  

The fine arts teacher of BTMS, Mrs. Ann Paris stated, “Congratulations everyone, they really deserved the ratings they received!”

The following students were awarded with superior ratings:

Melissa Guzman and Frank Out for their duet “Notice Me Horton”

Keegan Carroll and Patricia Figueroa for their duet “Hello Little Girl”

Aidan Wise for his solo “Giants in the Sky”

Molly Maresca for BOTH her solo “I Want It Now” and her monologue “Traitor”

Junior Zemliansky for his monologue “The Snob”

Viviana Mackey for her monologue “The Audition”

The following students were awarded with excellent ratings:

Alexia Barb and Jada Williams for their duet “For Good”

Viviana Mackey and Aidan Wise for their duet scene “It’s Not You It’s Me”

Jada Williams and Alexia Barb for their duet scene “The Confrontation”

Frank Out for his solo “Where is Love”

Carmen Holcy for her solo “Home”

Isaac Jordan for his solo “Stars”

Ezekiel Greenhalgh, Isaac Jordan, and Junior Zemliansky for their small group song “Hakuna Matata”

Both groups of students will be heading to the Florida State Festival in February.