i3 Tech Academy

What Has i3 Been up To?

In the beginning of the 2016- 2017 school year i3’s senior class was given the task of figuring out how to incorporate Career Source into a class. This was brought to Mr. Blake VandeBunte, the i3 academy’s director, from Mrs. Lynette Shott, the director of student services, then delegated to their senior class. The creation of the new class would help shine light on the importance of student and business collaboration in Palm Coast.

The purpose of Career Source is a place for students to find available internships in their area. This is a place for local businesses to find interns that have an interest in their field. Career Source was mostly functional, with a few problems that caused trouble on both ends of signing up for the internships. One of the tasks the i3 seniors took on was going through the program and finding these mistakes. Once all the problems were found they sent the information that was gathered to the programmer, Mr. Chris Bruce.

This opportunity gave the i3 students a chance to create advertisements for the program and an interactive class that should teach students skills to help them in the long run. It started off with dividing the major tasks into four different groups of students in order to tackle the problem presented to them. They were put in charge of creating advertising, the actual mechanics for the class, and the management of Career Source integration into the whole project. The students were able to create a full class that would would help whoever takes the class with the process of the internship, but also help with learning soft skills.  

After many of the core parts of the project were finished, there was a meeting on November 7th with Mrs. Shott, Mr. VandeBunte, Mr. Michael Rinyu, Mrs. Rene Stauffacher, CTE Coordinator for Flagler Schools, Mr. Joseph Marotti, Flagler Education Foundation Board of Directors, and the student group leaders. This meeting was to discuss what the students had accomplished and how the group was going to proceed into the future.

This meeting brought up points such as making the class more standardized and easy to work with different local companies. Mr. VandeBunte and Mr. Rinyu went over the different course codes that could match up with the course that was created. During the meeting they enhanced the idea of only connecting with Flagler County to be able to monitor students and sort out any problems that arise. Mrs. Shott is the one who is fostering the connection between Flagler Schools and Flagler County.

The last step in finalizing the class is having another meeting with Flagler County officials and Mrs. Shott to figure out which departments within Flagler County’s system would be available to pair with students.