i3 Senior Presidential Election

On Friday, December 9th the students of i3 Academy at Flagler Palm Coast High School participated in a “Presidential Election” for their senior class. The seniors were running in the election while the other students walked around and saw the different candidates viewpoints on real world topics. Those who weren’t nominated for president were transformed into special interest groups that focused on topics such as eminent domain (Relating to Native American land and the DAPL pipeline) and the use of alternate energies. The students then voted like they would if it were a real election.

“I had fun because it’s like a real life experience with real issues being discussed,” David Flores, i3 sophomore, said.

i3-election-1This faux election was a project to help the senior class learn all about politics, the different parties, and their viewpoints. The i3 students went to each table and listened to the candidates’ views on certain topics and what they stand for. Some groups handed out snacks such as cookies and candy, while others even had signs. All of them showed lots of enthusiasm.

After learning about the different parties, every student and teacher got to vote. The voting area was like that of a real voting booth. Each person got a ballot to vote for president, and also certain amendments and bills that were relevant to the special interest groups.


Vice President Zackary Hearne

Meghan Pollock, i3 sophomore, said, “I wanted to vote for someone who wanted better jobs and a better economy. This election was a fun experience knowing everyone’s views on how the world should be.”

The political party that won the student vote was the communists, which were Brianna Bunting, President, and Zackary Hearne, Vice President. This party was also saying no to the pipeline, which the students agreed with too.

When asked about the communist campaign, Vice President Hearne said, “Support is the key to success, you can’t win on effort alone.”

Overall, this was a great learning experience for all students to get a little feel of what happens in the real world.



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