Flagler County

Behind the Scenes of the Starlight Parade


Sugar and Heather Mcguire

Saturday, December 10th was the Starlight Parade in Palm Coast. Every year the community comes together in Town Center to watch this event.

At around 4 o’clock performances started with a few high school students singing Christmas songs, then continued with music for people to dance to. At 7 o’clock, the parade started with everyone lining up along the road to watch the floats pass by. The kids were excited to get candy from the different people walking in the parade.


Roma Court Academy

It’s great for the community to come together for the parade, and it’s also pretty interesting to see how the participants in the parade get ready. Steve Ripley, the parade starter stated, “I’ve been doing this since 2010, I am the parade starter, I make sure everyone is where they need to be, and fix everything that needs to be fixed with the people.” It was nice to hear what he contributes since it’s a different perspective of how the parade operates.

I heard from a few different people who were walking in the parade what their job is or how they prepared for it. Heather Mcguire with a horse named Sugar for Sheriff’s Posse stated, “It’s Sugar’s first time in the parade.” She further explained, “We bring the horse to different events to get more acclimated to the people, noises and crowds. We bring her to obstacle challenges and get her out and about.”

“We are in the parade to get our name out there, for marketing, community engagement, and awareness. We want to let everybody know that early childhood education is still available in the private sector,” Hazel Faircloth from Roma Court Academy explained.


James Wood

A pretty unique float was driven by James Wood from Bath Fitters. He explained, “We are out here this evening to give back to the community and spread holiday joy throughout the Palm coast/Flagler area. Our float this year is a tub on wheels with a holiday theme. We took an ordinary go-kart and tub, and combined both instead of a monster float that everyone else does.”

It was a very great experience and I am very excited to attend again next year. If you didn’t go this year I would recommend going, or even getting involved in the parade.


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