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Trending Gifts of 2016

December is here, therefore it’s that time of year for gift exchanging with family, friends, etc. I recently polled 75 students from FPC and i3 Academy to see what is trending this year for Christmas gifts. I sorted the data by gender, and surprisingly found small differences between girls and boys gift wishes for Christmas.

unknown-1The top gift results from biggest to smallest amount of votes are:

1. Money/ gift cards

Boys and girls both answered money as their top requested gift.

Julia Burns, a 10th grader at FPC explained, “I chose money because I don’t have anything specifically that I want.”

2. Clothes

People requested different articles of clothing and brands from Victoria’s Secret to Adidas. The most common article of clothing were sweaters and jackets.

I found that often students who answered clothing were very specific on the brand. Hailey Cooper, a freshman attending FPC answered a Victoria’s Secret sweatshirt and explained, “Because Victoria’s Secret sweatshirts are really comfortable and cute.”

nikon_d3000_cn-2011-043. Technology

This includes laptops, computers, and other types of technology.

4. Car

A car was answered by multiple students of both genders. Some wanted a new car while others wanted their first car.

5. Camera

A camera was a common answer from only girls. There were requests for multiple types and brands of cameras including Polaroid, Nikon, Sony, etc.

6. Shoes

Even though shoes were chosen multiple times, they were only requested by males.

iphone_7_black_mock-up7. iPhone 7/Plus

The newest iPhone is out, and both genders requested it for Christmas.

8. Hoverboard

A new hoverboard model came out and there were a couple boys who desired it for Christmas.

9. Sports equipment

Winter sports have began their season, and a couple boys asked for equipment to use and improve their skills.  

10. Books

Books were requested by a couple of girls, making it the lowest listed item.

These are the top 10 trending gifts this 2016 holiday season at Flagler Palm Coast High School. I originally set out to find gender differences between gifts, but surprisingly found little to no differences, as shown in the list.