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Which Do You Prefer: Online or In-Store Shopping?

The holiday season is upon us and with that comes gift shopping. In today’s day and age we use technology a lot, so we can now choose to shop online or in the store. Both options have pros and cons to them, and from the results I found more teenagers prefer in-store shopping, while adults liked online shopping more.

Many people said in-store shopping is better because you can physically see and touch the product of choice, you can try it on, and you can look at other options while you’re there. Whereas some problems with in-store shopping is that you have to deal with crowds and disrespectful people, and it could take longer depending on the time and place you’re shopping at.

“A good thing about in-store shopping is that you can bring your friends and family, and still walk around even if you’re not buying stuff. You can also know if what you’re buying fits, and if you don’t like it you can return it,” Shane Dacus, a freshman at FPC stated.

Other people agreed to say online shopping was better than in-store shopping because of the main fact that you can do it from your house or on the go. Also, this option can be easier than in-store shopping; you look online, you find the product you want, buy it, then you’re done. Whereas in the store you might see other things you like. Some negative things people say for online shopping is that you can’t see what you are buying in person and you can’t try on what you are getting, mainly if it’s clothes. Sometimes online shopping can get your order wrong and take forever to deliver.

Jared Bermudez, a junior at FPC explained, “One: You save time and money that would be spent on gas. Two: You can compare prices from a variety of stores. Three: You can find something cheaper online compared to other stores.”

You can have the same pros and cons with both, it just depends on who the person is. Some people say that online shopping is faster and easier while others say in-store shopping is. Both options are great choices, it just depends on the person, time, and perhaps age. Leave your opinion down below!