Flagler County

Flagler Schools Contribute to Fantasy Lights Festival

In Town Center, decorations were set up for the Fantasy Lights Festival event that began on December 1st. Each school in Flagler County made a painting to be put on display. They each have their own meaning and way of connecting to Christmas.

Buddy Taylor Middle School

This was painted by Mrs. Erin Weed’s 2D Art students.

“They must all work together, combining ideas and talents, organizing the elements and principles of art, to design an image for a public audience. It is a collaboration of ideas from middle school students that captures art and Christmas,” Mrs. Weed said.

Indian Trails Middle School

This was painted by Ms. Laura Shanley’s art students.

“The ITMS art club created the art mural. The idea was conceived by one of my students and then various students added the concept. The idea was that Santa was going to help with rebuilding the Flagler pier after it was damaged from hurricane Matthew. Students added parts of the rubble to create the roof, part of the star and the tree,” she told us.

Wadsworth Elementary School

This was painted by Mrs. Elizabeth Campanella’s art students.

“The 5th grade students helped pick the imagery and planned it out, I would work on it a little bit after school everyday and then we would discuss it for a couple minutes when they came in. It was a good experience for them to see the process of how large scale art is created and how ideas come together to make a composition complete,” Mrs. Campanella told us.

Belle Terre Elementary School

This was painted by Mrs. Jill Espinos’ art students.

“Our painting was designed by 6th grade students studying modern sculpture. We started with Alexander Calder, then stumbled upon Roxy Paine. During art club, we used a jig saw with student assistance to make two trees. Then we put them together to make them three dimensional,” explained Mrs. Espinos.

Bunnell Elementary School

This was painted by Mrs. Amy Wagner’s art students.

Mrs. Wagner stated,“I had my November Mural Art Club students paint the majority of the board and I outlined and clear coated it. I always create several designs for the Fantasy Lights board and have the students vote for the design they want to create.”

The Christmas paintings were an opportunity to learn about different principles of art and history. Also it is a chance for students to be apart of the community and show off their art skills. Down below you can see all of the murals presented so far.