Flagler County

First Semester Ending

Flagler County Schools started the school year earlier than they have past years. Since this happened, the first semester will be ending before winter break. The last day before winter break will be December 22nd and there will be no school on December 23rd, this will be a teacher work day. The break officially begins the following Monday, December 26th.

Mrs. Sarah Lombardo, FPC teacher, who would potentially be one of the many affected by the change said, “My work load does not change at all. In fact, I like that the semester is ending before winter break.”

Midterms and finals will be starting this week on Wednesday, December 7th at FPC. Testing will start on Monday, December 12th at MHS. The finals will be for block classes that are ending at the end of the first semester.

MHS 2016 Winter Testing Schedule

Since the students will not be able to do school work over winter break, this means more time to focus on the holidays.

When asked on how they felt about not having time to work on class work, FPC student Haylie Shiflett stated, “I like catching up on work as well as doing extra credit over breaks and the semester ending will make it so that isn’t possible.”

To ensure that your grades are all together, get in all work before December 22nd. This will give teachers time to put in grades during their teacher work day.