Study Tips and Tricks for Testing Season

testing-seasonThe first semester is coming to an end on December 22nd, so finals and midterms are approaching very quickly. Students may be freaking out about these tests, and some might not even know how to prepare. Here are some great study tips to help you at home and during school to get you ready for your exams.

Plan Everything

Make sure you write down the dates for all your exams on your calendar, so you can plan everything accordingly. Use this plan to create a study schedule.

Start Now

It is not a good idea to wait until the night before to cram for your test, start studying as soon as possible. This will make it easier for you to ensure there is enough time to go over everything you need to.

testing-season-2Talk to Your Teacher

You can ask your teacher if they have after school tutoring or review sessions. You can also ask them if they have any study guides that you can take home and read on your own.

Find out What Kind of Learner You Are

Click here to take a test to see which way you learn best. This will help you study in a way that works for you. There are three top styles of learning which are visual, auditory, and tactile. A student who knows what kind of learner they are will help them while studying. This will make it easier for them to learn and remember what they need to for tests.

Take Notes

Your notes you take it class can be a review later while studying. You can color code your notes, make your notes into a quiz format, or even record your teacher or yourself so you can listen to it in the future. It would be best for you to have a calendar where you write down what you have to do each day. Depending on what kind of learner you are can help determine how you take notes during class. Knowing how you learn is most beneficial to you so that studying and retaining information actually works. 

  • Visual Learner
    • The best way for you to learn is to actually see what you’re studying. You would most likely learn better by using flashcards, charts, tables, maps, and handwritten notes. It would be best for you to have a calendar where you write down what you have to do each day.
  • Auditory Learner
    • The best way for you to learn is to listen to what you need to know. You do best if you repeat your notes over and over out loud. Listening to lectures is the easiest way for you to obtain information.
  • Tactile Learner
    • The best way for you to learn is to take a lot of notes that you can review later. You should write them over and over to make it easier for you to remember. You are a very hands on learner, so it’s easiest for you to do than read.

No Distractions

While studying, a good decision would be turning off your cell phone and any other electronic devices that aren’t for studying purposes, and make sure you are in an environment that is best for your way of learning.

testing-season-1“I will try to study, but when I see my phone light up I get distracted and I have to answer it,” said FPC freshman, Nicholas Tamayo. “The best thing to do is keep your distance from it.”

Before You Take Your Test

Make sure you are well rested and eat a healthy breakfast the morning before your exam!

If you are a student at FPC, you can attend a study blitz session on Saturday, December 3rd for Algebra 1, Algebra 2, and Geometry from 9am-12pm. Meet at the pole in front of the FPC building. Blitzes for Biology and U.S. History will be on Saturday, December 10th.