Flagler County

Veterans Day: What Does It Mean to You?

Veterans Day is celebrated on November 11th by many families, and is an important day because it gives recognition to the men and women who are serving or have served. After asking a few students what Veterans Day meant to them they had different, but great, responses.

“Veterans Day to me means honor, freedom, and sacrifice for the people who served in the military. I also think it means to give thanks to the people who served, and we should show them how much we are thankful for them[…]I celebrated Veterans Day this year by wearing red, white, and blue, spending time with my dad (Who is a veteran), and having a cookout,” said Ivy Santiago, a junior at FPCHS. Veterans Day is great when you are able to spend it with your family and those who have served, but it is important to celebrate or honor those who aren’t able to physically be there as well.

Haylie Shiflett, a senior at FPCHS stated, “Veteran’s Day is the one day my pawpaw and grandpa get the appreciation they deserve. Too often we ignore the things people have done for this country. Even though they should be recognized more often, I am happy that they have this day for it to be shown that they made sacrifices for their loved ones and their country. They left for years not knowing if they would return with their lives. They have risked their lives for people that they don’t even know! They are some of the bravest, kindest souls that I know and I love them so much. Sadly I wasn’t able to spend Veteran’s Day with them, but I called them and told them how much I appreciated them.”

Others might have celebrated this holiday by going to events and showing love to their veterans.

Aria Reiter, an 8th grade student at ITMS said, “Well for me it’s a day where we celebrate and thank those who sacrificed themselves or risked their lives for our country and everyone in it. It means a lot especially since these people so selflessly give up everything they have, going into their force knowing that they may lose whatever they love or care for. This year, although it wasn’t celebrated with my family, I went to a ceremony held in Flagler next to the Funky Pelican.”

Hopefully everyone had a great Veterans Day and weekend, and remember we all can show our love for the people we admire (That have served) in many ways not only on this day, but throughout the years to come.