Club of the Month

November Club of the Month: FPC Art Club

On Tuesday, November 15th, I walked into Mrs. Chelsea Schlaffer’s classroom to engage in Art Club and the activities that they do. After I introduced myself everyone greeted me and was very welcoming considering I was a new temporary member. It was a comfortable atmosphere and I was really looking forward to see what the club could do.

“Any grade can join,” Mrs. Schlaffer told me, “No need to sign up, just come in.”

img_6345The first thing I got to do was help tie-dye t-shirts for their club. These t-shirts were made just for fun so the club members can wear them around FPC, since they are able to wear them as school dress code. Everyone had a great time making the shirts even though it was very messy. We had to wear gloves and smocks so we wouldn’t get dye all over ourselves and clothes. The students did many unique designs, so no t-shirt was the same. In the end they all turned out really awesome and the table looked like a rainbow of colors.

Along with working on the t-shirts, the club members were also working on murals. These murals are for the Christmas event in Town Center and I got a chance to help paint their rocking Christmas banner along with students Taylor Perry and Madison Imperio. The other club members were all working on the two other murals for the event.

“They’re suppose to represent toys,” Mr. Edson Beckett, FPC graphic design teacher, said. He told me he frequently helps the club if they have any questions.

img_6319Along with the banner, the murals that were being painted were a bulldog and a carousel horse. The murals look amazing, but they aren’t finished yet. Everyone was very concentrated on making these murals perfect, taking their time to ensure there were no mistakes. They all worked together to get them done, it was impressive teamwork.

Most of the main mural was painted by Madison Imperio, an FPC junior who has attended Art Club the longest. She told me she spent some of her class periods painting the mural. She has a very strong passion about art and the club, as do the other members. They were all doing an amazing job.

As the club came to an end Mrs. Schlaffer told everyone it was time to clean up, and no one was happy about it. The students who are in the club show a true passion and they really enjoy it. It was an amazing experience, and a very welcoming environment. Art Club is every Tuesday in Mrs. Schlaffer’s room!

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