Why Is Having a Job Beneficial to Students?

featured_imageIn the short 6 months of having a job at Furniture Leisure, I can say that I have learned an abundance of real world knowledge that I will use going forward in my life.  

It all started when I was approached with an opportunity; a job at an online furniture company looking for student employees with adept technology skills. Since I want to be a business major within the next year and technology is continuously growing, I felt like this was a perfect fit. Within a week I was hired and working, this was the best decision I’ve made in my high school life.

I work as a Digital Media Assistant and I do a variety of  different tasks. For instance, this summer we revamped one of our five websites, Park Tables. This was the first project I helped finish by designing the banners, logos and most of the graphical elements with the help of my co-workers.

20161121_151455“Logan has brought his advanced digital imaging skills to our company and supported us with a wide range of graphics needs. He has handled each of these with relative ease and it is nice to be able to share some real world applications of the skills he has learned in school. We are lucky to count him among our team!” Says the President of Furniture Leisure, Mr. Paul Hart

Overall this is something I am doing as a highschooler and I can put it on my resume for future employments.

From learning how to communicate together to get projects done efficiently to learning new ways of accomplishing tasks, it has prepared me for full time employment and continues to everyday I go to work. Students need this experience more than anything.

This was the first step towards my goal and dream as a future employee, something that each student needs to find and take. 20161121_150243Finding a job will prepare you for your future and for better employment later on.  

Learning how to have a balanced life slowly and efficiently as you get older is smarter than being forced to learn and adapt quickly to having a full time job after schooling. I can say personally this has prepared me for this more than anything else. My time management has truly increased because I have to balance getting good grades while working.

“Working encourages students to be independent and strengthens time management skills while demonstrating dedication to college admissions officers and future employers,” states Mrs. Madeline Schimenti, the Digital Media Manager at Furniture Leisure

Lastly, it’s good to have money as a high schooler. It shows you how to budget and spend your money wisely. If this isn’t learned early on in adolescence then you can be in for big troubles when you are running on a tight budget in college or after high school.

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