How Did the Supermoon Affect Us?

supermoonSpace is huge if you haven’t noticed, and it’s is also very complex, for example, all of it’s colorful nebula (A cloud of dust or gas in space), and it’s beautiful constellations (Patterns of stars that make an image). However, 2016 has had many fantastically astronomical events, such as the so called “Supermoon” that appeared throughout the week of 11/13 – 11/21. But why should you care about the Supermoon, how does the Supermoon affect you?

The term “Supermoon” is a name given to the moon by astrologers when the moon is at the closest possible distance from Earth during its orbit. Since the moon is responsible for affecting the Earth’s tides, when the moon is closer so is the gravitational pull it has towards Earth. As a result, Earth’s tides become bigger and are spread out more across the ocean.


Two Students at i3 Academy, who are also surfers, were asked about how the Supermoon has affected them.

dscn3705Cole Mccomb, a student at i3 Academy, stated, “The tides were always high, there was never low tide,” when he visited the beach to surf.

Kyle Helmer, another student at i3 Academy, added, “The tide was a little bigger, and you know how we have a sandbar on the beach… Well the water was coming up over top of the sand, and most of the waves were further out.”

Over the course of a week, the so called “Supermoon” has increased its effect on not only Earth’s tides, but on ocean lovers as well.


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