Flagler County

A Stress Free Dinner

At the end of the year many families get stressed out from the pressure of the multiple major holidays. Thankfully the Flagler Family Café is scheduling a dinner on December 1st to give a class on stress management at the Government Services Building.

There are different levels of stress that can be either helpful or harmful. Helpful stress can take the form of routine tasks such as work, dealing with friends, family, and other responsibilities. Harmful stress includes negative changes such as a death in a family, losing your job, divorces, or illness. Each of the stressful situations have a similar reaction in your brain. It can cause headaches, sleeplessness, depressed mood, anger, and irritability. Chronic stress can cause more frequent side effects and can cause you to get sick more often.

The goal of the class is to help manage stress from the parenting point of view and the importance of mental health. Mrs. Sue McVeigh, the Parent Specialist for the ESE department, explained that, A parent cannot be a positive impact upon their child’s life if they themselves are not taking care of their own personal needs first.” The FFC knows how stressful the holidays are and the demands during this time that parents go through can push them to the edge of normal stress they should deal with. Reasons for these unnecessary levels of stress are from the lack of money for gifts, shopping, additional food, visiting family guests, and shear decorating for the holidays.  

They will also cover how parents can help their children deal with stress both from school and home. Children can get stressed out over the first semester ending, and changes including family visiting and feeling the effect of parents being stressed out.

If you are interested in this class, the due date to sign up for the event is November 25th and the event will be December 1st at 6:00pm. Click here to view the flyer and the signup page.

Any other question you should contact Sue McVeigh at either: 386-586-2395, ext. 2105 or email at mcveighs@flaglerschools.com.