There’s More Than What Meets the Eye


FPC girls weightlifting

At Flagler Palm Coast High School, and most other high schools, both girls and boys are allowed to try out for all sports available during the school year. When people try out for sports they usually try their hardest to win. There is more to it though, more than we might’ve thought. Playings sports build confidence, teamwork, and progress.

“I think it’s fun, and feeling strong means feeling confident,” Keilee Gawking, an FPC girls weightlifter, said when asked why she joined weightlifting.

Mr. Duane Hagstrom, FPC girls weightlifting coach, added on, You can actually see yourself getting better each time you lift because the amount of weight you are able to lift each time shows your progress and improvement.”


Jace Wilson

There is way more to a sport than just coming out on top all the time. It’s about doing something you enjoy and feel confident in. Seeing yourself progress during a sport is just as rewarding as winning. Being on a sports team also helps with teamwork and sportsmanship. A team becomes your new best friends since you guys have to work together and support each other.

“You create a new relationship with your team,” Jace Wilson, FPC baseball player, said. “It’s like an unbreakable bond. It’s pretty awesome.”

Joining a sport brings new friendships, and builds confidence. Even if you don’t win, you’ve made improvement and an awesome experience.