Artist of the Month

FPC November Artist of the Month: Rachel Atkins

Congratulations to Flagler Palm Coast High School senior Rachel Atkins for earning November’s Artist of the Month title. Atkins’ creativity and emotion is presented through photography, an art that she fully pours herself into. Her teacher, Mrs. Angela Biggs, who chose her for this award explained that Atkins has a sophisticated eye for composition and design, and consistently strives to elevate her artistic abilities.


A Lifetime of Beauty

“Rachel is a joy to teach and I look forward to seeing the impressive photographs she creates each and every week,” Mrs. Biggs stated.

Atkins aims to show emotion through her work and explore different ways of making her pictures stand out in a crowd. As a photographer this is where her source of inspiration plays a crucial role. Part of this influence comes from being at the beach, which is seen in her first image, A Lifetime of Beauty.

“The beach has been a special place to me since I was a little girl and it’s one of those places where I know I can make any picture into a masterpiece. Sometimes I am reminded of my grandma as I am taking pictures at the beach, as she is one of my inspirations. It was one of her favorite places too. Before her cancer started taking over everything, she would walk to the beach to watch the sunrise and enjoy as much of the time she had,” described Atkins.

Along with her grandma, she also looks up to her mother and aunt Kristin. Atkins explained that they too love the beach, and always strive to show her how truly beautiful life is.

Although all of her pieces are centered around the beach, they all originated from different types of inspiration. Her image titled Beach Life was relayed as a setup waiting to be photographed.

The next image, Morning Glow, was explained by Atkins as, “A beautiful landscape I didn’t want to pass up. The fog is what brings the whole photo together.”

She then explained that setting for Living Within the Magic, her final featured photograph, was just right along with the eye level she captured it at.

After Atkins graduates high school she is planning on obtaining her associate’s degree at Daytona State College, where she would possibly study advertising photography.

To clarify why the plan isn’t set in stone, she explained, “Photography to me was once a hobby and slowly began taking over a passion to which has led me to dream big as an artist.” Instead of limiting herself, Atkins is keeping an open mind. Keep up the great work!