Flagler County

2016 Teacher and Employee of the Year Nominees

Nominees for Teacher and Employee of the Year recently came out on the Flagler Schools webpage on October 26th, 2016. Click here to see the full list of 29 employees and teachers. All the nominees were chosen by their fellow colleagues, and had to fall under the different criteria that the district created.

Mrs. Janet McDonald, a school board member, commented, “Each school or department does their internal process to nominate and select folks for both honors.”

The specific criteria is:

  • Worked minimum of 3 years in Flagler County (Not including this year).
  • The nominee must attend the ‘Teacher of the Year Roundtable’ and ‘Gala Awards Ceremony’ in Orlando.
  • The nominee must get a large amount of votes from other colleagues.

Mr. Jason Wheeler, the Flagler County Info. Specialist, furthered explained, “A committee from various departments then meets to go over the extensive packets these finalists have submitted. For the Teacher of the Year, the committee also has a videotaped lesson of each candidate to review.”

Flagler Schools nominee categories:

  • Classroom teachers – Grades Pre-K through 12
  • Adult education teachers
  • Postsecondary vocational/technical education teachers
  • Department chairpersons who actively engage in classroom teaching
  • Guidance counselors
  • Media specialists
  • Speech/language pathologists

Teachers around the county are sent an email with a Google form linked in to vote, then the finalists that the school chose are forwarded to the Human Resources department located in the Government Services Building. If you would like to continue following Teacher and Employee of the Year updates, check back in on the Flagler Schools Website.