FPC Spirit Day: How to Dress as a Bulldog

Friday, November 4th is Homecoming week spirit day for Flagler Palm Coast High School. Students may show their spirit by wearing FPC gear, school colors, and paint. Sam Picano, an FPC sophomore in SGA stated, “Show your support by wearing a bunch of green and go all out with FPC clothes.”

Shane Dacus, a freshman at FPC explained, “I show school spirit because it’s important to show my pride for the school, I plan to show my spirit this Friday by wearing school colors.”

If you want to stand out from the rest of the student body, but still show spirit, here is how to become your own version of FPC’s mascot, a bulldog.

What you will need (Prices from Walmart):

Gray long or short sleeve shirt $3.58

Jeans or shorts

Green, black, and gray body paint $.98

Headband $2.88




What’s a bulldog without its ears?

  1. Take the cardboard and cut it into a half circle curve about 3 inches long.
  2. Paint the ears gray or black
  3. Attach to headband




The gray shirt will count as the bulldog’s body with a simple touch of FPC spirit to it.

  1. Take green paint and trace out the letters “FPC” on the middle or top left of the shirt.
  2. Take black paint and create a trail of paw prints leading to the text.

If you do not wish to create the shirt you can buy a gray FPC t-shirt from the store.



  1. Shorts: If you are wearing shorts you can paint paw prints in black and green on your legs.
  2. Pants: If you are going to wear pants, go for a gray or light color jean to resemble the gray suit of FPC’s mascot.

Hope this helps you get ready to show your spirit, we are excited to see what comes this Friday. Have a great Spirit day and Homecoming!