Flagler County

Flagship of the Month: RES Medical Sciences, Health, and Fitness

screen-shot-2016-10-31-at-10-42-56-amFlagships in Flagler County began as a vision to bring the community and schools together. Many of the programs have been running for at least a couple of years, and have shown major growth. Students of all grade levels have an opportunity to get involved with their school’s flagships. Rymfire Elementary School’s (RES) Flagship is centered around medical sciences and health/fitness. This Flagship is focused around providing a hands on learning environment where the students can participate in activities within the flagship’s very own medical lab, which opened in spring of 2015.

Davon Brown, a past Rymfire graduate who is now a junior at FPC’s own flagship, the i3 Academy, explained, “Considering the opportunities i3 now gives me, attending an elementary level flagship would have opened up some opportunities for me to have used in future classes.”

The RES Medical Flagship exposes students to a variety of medical field options and could get the kids thinking about pursuing medical education. The flagship has developed before and after school programs for students and teachers. This is due to the many sponsors that fund the program such as the Flagler County Education Foundation and the Florida Hospital Flagler. All other supporters are listed here:

screen-shot-2016-10-31-at-10-40-21-amMrs. Heather Doutrick, a teacher involved in the RES Flagship stated, The purpose of the flagship is to expand the interest in our students in the fields of medical, sciences, health and fitness. We are wanting to give students the opportunity to be exposed to a variety of fields within the healthcare industry.”

Any current Rymfire students interested in joining the Medical Flagship should visit the RES website. To keep up with each highlighted Flagship of the Month visit the Flagler Schools Observer.