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How to: Carve a Pumpkin

It has become the season where many people celebrate with pumpkins. With this in mind, most are going to want to carve the silly faces, or even intricate designs to turn heads.

Here in Palm Coast there are many stores that are selling autumn ready pumpkins. So that you can find the right one for you, prices are here for you to choose where to get one. All are around the same size and weight. If you are wanting a pumpkin from a nursery like VerdeGo, the prices vary on the sizes of the pumpkin.

Super Target – $5.99

Dollar General – $2.50

Wal-mart – $9.48

Winn-Dixie – $4.99

Publix – $5.99 or 2 for $10

For beginning pumpkin carvers it would be much easier to do a traditional Jack-O-lantern. Once there is more practice with carving, that skill will be better used for the intricate designs. If you’re not wanting to take out the insides and get dirty, there is another process. For this process you would just scrape the outside layers of the pumpkin off to make the design, but not all the way to the insides.

Here’s how!

Items Needed:


Pumpkin Carving Kit or Kitchen Utensils

Vinegar (any kind, I used White Vinegar)

Candle or LED light

Plain copy paper (optional)




Step 1: Have a big enough pumpkin to carve. There are various sizes of pumpkins, the bigger the pumpkin the bigger the design can be.


Step 2: Cut a hole in the top of the pumpkin. Make sure it is around the stem and has a notch on one side to get a perfect fit, otherwise you would be guessing on where it had been originally cut.


Step 3: Start cleaning out the insides of the pumpkin with a pumpkin carving kit or kitchen utensils. When doing so try not to carve the inside walls of the pumpkin. This would result in the walls becoming too thin for carving. Some even like to cook the seeds for a tasty snack.


Step 4: Pour ⅓ of a cup of vinegar into the pumpkin and wipe it around the inner walls. You do this so that the pumpkin will last longer. The vinegar counteracts with the decomposition of the pumpkin, which results in a longer shelf life.


Step 5: Use paper for printed outlines. Trace these lines by poking little holes on the lines of the design, or freehand it by just going for a original masterpiece.


Step 6: Cut out the pieces that seem fit. If there are pieces that become too thin, they may break off. If so, use toothpicks to put them back in place. Once toothpicks are in your pumpkin is ready for the world to see.


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