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How Can Legal Drugs Still Do Harm?

Drugs such as Cocaine and Heroin are a lot easier to be labeled hardcore drugs, and lately the issue of prescription drugs has become an epidemic.

It’s easy to call someone who is addicted to heroin a drug addict, but many users of hard prescription drugs like Opioid Painkillers (i.e OxyContin and Vicodin) and Nervous system depressants (i.e Valium) have the mental attitude of not being addicted. Yet the effects of hard prescription drugs can be just as dangerous.

1270344046_0c27438d05_bTo start with, everyone’s body reacts differently to all types of drugs whether it be over the counter or prescribed. Therefore, serious reactions can come from taking unprescribed medication causing major health issues. Since it’s prescribed it’s unlikely that the directions of the medication is clear, so fatal mistakes such as mixing the wrong drugs is more likely to happen.

Other health issues can derive from these prescribed drugs and the misuse of them. Opioids causes choking, mood swings, a decrease in overall awareness, infertility, and slow breathing. Nervous system depressants and sedatives cause memory problems and seizures. Just to name a few, these are some of the instant side effects of misusing medication and can lead to an addiction.

Eduard Gilmanshin, a Flagler Palm Coast High School senior said, ”If you take prescription drugs that aren’t yours I wouldn’t exactly call you a drug addict. I would call you an addict if you take those drugs for entertainment purposes“1359287762_6274c9dbea_b

Prescription drugs are already prone to cause addiction and when misused the chance grows rapidly. This can send the human body into a need for the medication and won’t be able to function without it. Alongside that, you will always crave it and require higher and higher doses. This is due to the growing immunity that comes with the continuous use of medication, whether it be over the counter or prescribed. Therefore, if you have a deficiency for that drug your body will go into withdrawal, causing symptoms like nausea, insomnia, depression, and insanity.

Lastly, abusing the use of nonprescription drugs is illegal and as a student this can drum up some really bad issues with both your education and future. It is very important to understand that taking one pill can ruin your future in an instant.