Matanzas Madness: How to Dress Like a Pirate

Friday, October 28th is Matanzas’ spirit dress up day. Gina Amaral, a sophomore at Matanzas High School stated, “I show my school spirit to support our teams and school, I do this by dressing up in MHS stuff and painting my face.”

Kelsey Polk, a sophomore at MHS also explained, “I show my school spirit to let everyone else know that we’re all a giant family.” She then explained further, “When people hear us say Pirate Pride, they know we’re talking about our whole school not just us individually […] I plan on showing off by wearing my jersey for soccer, and during games painting my face and chanting out chants.” If you would like to show your spirit in more ways than sporting blue and wearing school shirts, here is another way:

img_7989Dress up as a pirate!

A great way to show your spirit this Friday is to dress up as your school’s mascot, a pirate. Here is a cheap way to do it.

You will need (These prices are from Walmart):

Black shirt (long sleeve, or short sleeve)  $6.87 women, $7.88 men

Blue or white material (If wanted) about $3.00 a yard

Eye patch $2.71

White marker  $2.52

Beard (If wanted)  $4.99

Thick black fabric

Sewing kit (If needed)


  1. Cut the collar off the t-shirt and create small holes on the bottom of the shirt and on the sleeve (Keep school appropriate).
  2. Cut blue or white fabric to the size around your wrist, then long enough to cover half way down your hand. This will be your cuffs. Depending on how you wear the cuffs, a sewing kit may be needed for the construction and attachment of them.
  3. If you would like to add a little more detail, you can cut a slit in the front of the shirt and holes, then tie a string through the holes.

Eye Patch:

If you would like to make the eye patch, you can take the same fabric from the cuffs for the shirt and shape it to your eye, then cut two holes and add elastic to the size needed.

Pirate Hat:

  1. Take the black fabric (Thicker fabric so it will stay standing up when on your head) and create the shape you would like your hat to be.
  2. Take the white marker and draw a skull and crossbones in the center of it.
  3. Add the elastic to fit your head, tie it into the holes of the black fabric.

If you don’t want to make one, there is the option to buy one.


The best pants for this would be a black pair for consistency, but it can be any pair of pants you have. You can add vertical lines on the pair of jeans to create the pirate vibe, or just wear the jeans plain.


You can do this many different ways, it just depends on how detailed you want your beard to be.

  1. Take eyeshadow, eyeliner, or any black makeup and draw it to your desired look.
  2. You can also do this with a marker, just make sure it is safe to put on skin and is easy to wash off.

If you do not wish to draw the beard you can buy one at many stores such as Walmart, Target, and Party City.

Get ready to show your Matanzas spirit this Friday by dressing up as a pirate or in your school colors!