Flagler County

Flagler County Schools Celebrating Halloween

Flagler County schools are celebrating Halloween through many events. The kickoff celebratory event to get into the Halloween spirit was the BTMS Hallobash dance. There are many more events to come throughout this week leading up to Halloween.

On Wednesday, October 26th, MHS is hosting the Gooey Games. To be involved you need to fill out a permission slip, and bring a five dollar participation fee for a ticket. MHS required all students to bring in the permission slip and fee no later than Tuesday, October 25th.

Then on Friday, October 28th, BTES is throwing their annual Fall Festival from 5-7 pm.There will be food, games, a book fair, a costume contest, and more.

Another fun option for the Friday before Halloween is the BES “Boo Bash”. It’s great for kids of all ages and has been a Flagler Schools event since 2008. The event will be held at the Wadsworth Park at 5 pm.

Finally, on Monday, October 31st RES is encouraging their students to dress up in school appropriate costumes for the parade around campus at 9:30 am. There will also be a MHS Halloween lunch, so be sure to go check out the food!

Dawson Germano, an FPC senior and Halloween supporter said, “I like Halloween because there is never a better time to dress as your favorite character and get free candy.” For people like Dawson, Flagler Schools puts on these spooky themed events.

Kyle Jestes, another FPC senior stated, “I feel that Halloween is beneficial to kids because it brings a connection to the community. As an older brother it is my job to walk my little brothers and sisters around the neighborhood and even though I’m not trick or treating with them, I get to meet new people and talk about things while I watch my siblings meet new friends and have fun with candy.”

There are so many events going on all around Palm Coast for elementary, middle, and high schoolers. If you are interested in participating be sure to bring your spirit and be ready for some fun.