Flagler County

Hurricane Matthew Affects Block Classes

Hurricane Matthew recently hit Florida’s East coast destroying houses, beaches, and power lines. Schools were highly affected and lost a total of five days this quarter between Hurricane Hermine, and Hurricane Matthew. Five days of missing school is equivalent to ten instructional teaching periods that block classes have lost to prepare for testing in December. Flagler Schools has had one make-up day so far on Friday, October 14th.

Dr. Earl Johnson, the Principal of Matanzas, commented, “Hurricane Matthew will affect block classes exponentially because five days in a block class is equivalent to two weeks of instructional time. That is a copious amount of instructional time lost for any course, but particularly for the EOC classes and AP classes.” As of now the school board has not added the days to the Flagler Schools calendar. He continued, “The district’s calendar committee are looking at the calendar and will make a decision on make-up days.”

The county is working hard to officially add days to the calendar so the students can be informed. School board member Mrs. Janet McDonald commented, “You’ve probably heard that various administrators, teachers, and union members have been meeting to discuss best possible responses to making up school days, attending to educational priorities, while acknowledging the many impacts that a change in calendar will mean for many across the county.”

The school board knows of the issues block classes are facing, and they are reviewing where these missing days could be added. The students and their education are the priority, and the decision will be made shortly. Continue to look at the Flagler Schools calendar where the make-up days will be posted.