Flagler County

Flagler County Power Outages: A Time to Reflect

On Friday, October 7, Hurricane Matthew hit Flagler County and devastated parts of the East coast. As of October 12, at 11:08 am, there were 1,457 inhabitants still without power and 57,331 citizens with restored power in the county. In this generation of technological advantages, what did FPC students do without power?

For most students, they did not have access to major power sources, using battery life from laptops and cars to charge their phones. However, for some, they did not have this accessibility.

Jace Wilson, a sophomore at the i3 Academy, says he did not have an alternative to charge devices. Spending the majority of his time, “Reading, playing board games, and sleeping.” He also stated, “I learned that spending time with my family was better than anything else.”

Almost all students would agree that during the hurricane, the things they missed were technology based. Watching Netflix, YouTube and TV shows were the most common answers, along with light and air conditioning.

“It was fun at first, but when it started to get hot from the lack of AC, it was a bit uncomfortable,” said Kayla Tennant, a sophomore at FPC.

Despite all of these downsides, the most common responses to the best part of this indoor experience was being able to bond with their families. When you use technology and power every day, you end up taking that for granted. Although not all electronics were unusable, this was a chance to see the conveniences in our life, and how we should spend our time wiser for the things that matter most.