AFJROTC Helping Their School and Themselves

afjrotc3AFJROTC is seen at many FPC events helping in some way. At varsity football games they have cadets sign up for community service hours to watch over the gates. Their job is to only let certain people in the gates in an effort to keep the football players and others safe. AFJROTC helps with more than just games though, they also do important jobs such as major in Color Guard. There aren’t many other people who would be able to do it.

The students prepare for major events such as football games and beach cleanups a week or more in advance, whereas events such as Color Guard they will get prepared the day before. To prepare for games they start by having the high positioned cadets make a signup sheet for positions at the game, then cadets will sign up.

The volunteering isn’t just for the school’s sake, the help they provide in AFJROTC benefits them too. Melody Dixon, a junior at FPC and Cadet Master Sergeant, stated, “We try very hard to reach our goal of community service hours to become a distinguished unit.” More than just community service hours though, the cadets also receive promotions and ribbons for certain amounts of work.

afjrtoc1The jobs they do also help them in their AFJROTC class. It helps them with the lessons they are learning, one being becoming a better citizen. This class teaches them traits they will need in real life, such as responsibility, hard work, caring, and showing integrity.

Melody also explained how this class helps them, “It helps us reach our goal of community service hours. Which we find very important.” She continued by saying what she learns in this class, “Depending on what we are doing it teaches us many things, but I believe the most important thing we learn is how to become better citizens and the work we do very much teaches us that.”

Anthony Buizel, Senior Master Sergeant, also explained what they learn, “We learn how to become more proficient at Color Guards, we also learn how AFJROTC builds better citizens by becoming part of the skein.”