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Why Do Students Customize Their Laptops?

img_6902Technology is now a part of everyday school life, becoming more and more important to the students’ education. Throughout the day the students at the i3 Academy use them for nearly everything, from editing footage for videos to doing research for essays.

Many of the students show their own personality in a variety of ways. Customizing the outsides of their laptops is one way of showing who they are and what they like. Stickers, covers, designs, drawings; it’s like a blank sheet of paper that many i3 students, and even teachers, take advantage of.

Since each student uses the same brand of laptop, making it their own is a way to set themselves aside from the rest. At the i3 Academy it also adds to the family like atmosphere. They all accept each other for who they are, opening the door for self expression.

img_6964Andrew Bigler, a senior at the i3 Academy, was asked why he customized his laptop, “It’s like a canvas of blankness meant to be filled in and customized with stickers.”

In addition, students need some sort of motivation to keep looking at their laptop day in and day out. These customizations can help that, they can see things that make themselves happy or motivated instead of blank nothingness. Patricia Dorsey, the i3 Secretary, says, “It’s interesting to see the stickers and drawings that students use to decorate their laptops because it shows their creativity and is often an expression of their personalities.”

So, the next time you see a blank canvas, take what the students at the i3 Academy do and make it your own.

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